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Welcome to Reno Tahoe Reiki

Reiki (pronounced “Ray Key”) is a non-invasive, non-manipulative Japanese technique used for stress reduction and relaxation. Reiki energy promotes natural healing in the body. It is considered energy work, addressing both physical and emotional discomfort and facilitating a feeling of balance. It is calming and effective for all ages from infants to seniors. Reiki is safe to use in conjunction with all medications and medical conditions. If you are ready to relax and renew your sense of well-being Reiki can help.

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Adult & Child Reiki Sessions

Adult & Child Reiki Sessions

Whatever your budget or individual needs, Teresa offers a Reiki session that’s right for you. Choose from a thirty-minute treatment, ideal for children or adults wanting a shorter session, or a sixty-minute treatment for deeper relaxation and healing.

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The gift of Healthy Beginnings

Healthy Beginnings Magazine Profile

I was fortunate to have been featured in the Provider Profile in the March 2012 issue. I had the opportunity to talk about how I was introduced to the healing power of Reiki. If you run across this magazine, I encourage you to pick up a free copy; it’s available at many local locations. Enjoy this free gift of knowledge!

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Recent Testimonials

Reiki was previously something I was only dimly aware about. Not knowing exactly what to expect, I decided to go in with an open mind after a friend recommendation, and just see what happens...

Chris, Oakland

I had the great pleasure of receiving a reiki treatment from Teresa Aramini. At first she touched on some childhood things that did happen to me, and then towards the middle to end of the treatment, she cradled my head in her hands and I immediately had a vision of my deceased father...

Karen P, Reno