Remember in the vast infinity of life, all is perfect, whole and complete and so are you.

Lousie L. Hay

Reiki Services Offered

Adult Reiki Session: At 60 minutes, the Adult Reiki Session is ideal for relaxation of the mind, body and spirit. Your chakras will be balanced and your body will feel grounded in this soothing one hour treatment.  Every session is customized for your individual needs. Therefore every session is a unique experience. Reiki promotes the gentle release of energy blockages and toxins from a client’s body. It is recommended that you drink fresh water after receiving your Reiki treatment.  In addition, you are encouraged to set an intention for your session because energy goes where your mind tells it to go. Great options for intentions are relaxation, clarity and healing. The price for this service is $70.00.

Child Reiki Session: At 30 minutes, the Child Reiki Session is an abbreviated version of the full Reiki Session described above, and is ideal for children. Children require less energy balancing than adults. Parents are encouraged to explain that a Reiki treatment will help them feel more relaxed. Children are welcome to bring a coloring book or a small toy to feel at ease during their session. Reiki is safe and effective for infants, and will calm and soothe them.  This treatment is also offered to adults who want the benefits of Reiki in a shorter time frame. The price for this service is $40.00.

Reiki Value Packs Available!

Want to experience balance and bliss regularly but you are on a budget? Or do you want to give the gift of relaxation to someone you love? Reiki Value Packs offer several options with great discounts. Check out all the details here.