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Dr. Bruce H. Lipton
Teresa Aramini, Reiki Master
Teresa Aramini, Reiki Master

I am proud to be a native Nevadan. Fortunately Northern Nevada has a lot to offer for someone like me who takes pleasure in hiking, kayaking, beach-going and camping. I also enjoy every opportunity to travel with my sweet husband. Every time I travel I learn something new and fascinating, both about the place being visited and myself.

I am a University of Nevada graduate. I am passionate about learning. Whether I am studying about my next travel destination, yoga, essential oils, Shamanism or Reiki, I put all my efforts into commanding knowledge of my chosen interest. For me learning is a labor of love.

I am a medicinal aromatherapist and master distributor with Wisdom Of the Earth essential oils. I love using essential oils for healing the mind, body and spirit. I can honestly say that a day doesn’t go by without me using my essences. I have found profound healing results using essential oils and love to share my passion about them with others.

I was first introduced to Reiki during a time of crisis. I was informed that I had a serious form of cancer. On advice from two of my closest friends, I decided to try Reiki to help calm my frantic nerves. Immediately I felt that I had found something special. Prior to and after surgery, I had Reiki treatments. Luckily for me, my final test results indicated that I did not have cancer. My surgeon was shocked at how quickly I healed, and I was released after one post-operative visit. I knew then there was something special about Reiki. Not only was I feeling more emotionally balanced but my physical body healed rapidly from the surgery.

Even though my health crisis was over, I was aware of how much relief and healing I was getting from my Reiki treatments. I began to go once a month to work on some much needed healing for my mind, body and spirit. I realized that I was receiving so much healing and help from my Reiki treatments that I wanted to extend that sense of peace to others. I deeply believe in the healing capacity of Reiki. It has changed my life. I look forward to sharing the love and light that Reiki can bring into your life.

I have eight years of experience working in a medical office as a Podiatric Physician’s Assistant. This knowledge in Western medicine gives me the advantage of understanding how people process and experience pain and discomfort. Whether it was a matter of communicating complex surgical questions or inquiries about treatment and drug options.I have a history of compassionate patient care.

Utilizing the Eastern healing philosophy of Reiki allows me to gently guide clients in their own healing process. Reiki creates balance and can easily be combined with any other healing modalities or medications. Reiki is safe and effective. I believe that a blending of Western and Eastern methods of healing is the best way to create perfect balance in health and wellness.

As a Holy Fire Karuna® Reiki Master, I teach Holy Fire Reiki level one and two classes regularly. One of the things I love most about teaching Reiki is that it is available to anyone ready to learn regardless of age, knowledge or faith. There are no specific skills required to learn Reiki you just have to be open to learning it. Even though many find Reiki to be spiritual in nature, it is not a religion and does not have any dogma. Therefore it is open to all religious or non religious belief systems.

I have studied with Reiki Masters Kim Roubo, Colleen Benelli, William Rand, Michael Baird, Melynda Ruckles and Steve Serine. My intention is to continue my own Reiki education in the future. I love learning as it inspires me to be a better teacher.